Escudo Rojo

Having been selling worldwide for 15 years, Escudo Rojo – a premium wine for the masses that combines Bordeaux winemaking expertise with Chilean terroir – underwent a brand re-launch to boast a more upmarket image and a new wine range. But how do you bring this to the attention of the media and target audience in China, where familiarity with the brand is lacking? How do you create buzz around the brand’s latest limited edition product to amplify its voice in the China market?

We identified key media and created a media event to let them experience the brand first-hand, and then took it to a broader audience. We communicated the rich brand history and DNA, introduced the brand’s groundbreaking product concept, and spurred coverage with carefully crafted story angles that weaved the brand’s illustrious roots with pioneering thought leadership.

The results speak for themselves. A nine-time return on investment was generated for the client.