Mayacama is a private golf and residential community where a vibrant club life is joined by an active sporting life in an indescribably beautiful valley, in addition to 675 acres of classic California Wine Country. Our main tasks were to increase awareness for the club in China amongst the appropriate audience and influencers and to identify and sign up 100 quality Asian members for the club, by preparing unique offerings.

As there was no visible presence of Mayacama in China, we had to build it from the ground up: launching its Chinese website; setting up a Mayacama database; establishing a local Chinese hotline; preparing media kits for the Chinese market; localizing and preparing all the marketing materials. By reaching out to the media, we increased awareness of the club through in-depth one-on-one communication with 44 media. We also helped to identify potential members through relevant events, seek co-branding/crossover cooperation plans with organizations with access to our target audience, identify sales channels, as well as tease out potential investors.