Sincere Real Estate

Although ranked amongst the top 50 real estate companies in China, Sincere Real Estate was not well known amongst national first-tier media due to its geographical location in Chongqing in Northwest China. On 28 May 2014, an online media report on the Group CEO being investigated pushed Sincere into the public limelight. We reacted immediately, wasting no time in putting together a crisis management team with Sincere, swiftly clarifying the facts and verifying the truth, and pre-empting and preparing for what could follow after. We also spotted an opportunity within this crisis to harvest – opportunity to positively elevate awareness of Sincere, and strengthen the company’s internal and external communications.

Three actions were taken:

  • - Building positive corporate image
    - Building strong media relations
    - Building effective internal and external communications systems

The above resulted in the maintenance of smooth, effective and active communications with the media, while the negative implications of the case dissipated quickly. Ultimately, the crisis had been turned into a positive communications opportunity – the establishment of a strong foothold in the national first-tier media for the client.