Super D

With a decade of dedicated research and successful accomplishments under its belt, an awarded-winning glasses-free 3D technology company from China finally decided to surface from the shadows of its renowned global partners. But how do you break a 10-year silence with a national and global debut as an industry game changer, when you have been relatively unknown amongst key media and opinion leaders, and you are faced with widespread skepticism towards Chinese brands having originality?

We ensured that every step in our communications would create maximum impact and generate resonance in the China and US markets. From building a bilingual corporate library from scratch, to meticulously editing the English website content to ensure audience comprehension; from crafting distinctive yet interrelated messaging for the mother brand and sub-brands, to conveying the key concept of SuperD being a leading example of “Innovation from China” to the media; from securing opportunities to engage top-tier national press in local interviews and experience our products at global events, to drafting and distributing timely press releases surrounding awards, executive appointments, and presence at industry events such as Consumer Electronics Show in US.