A controlled medium to present your unique offering to the targeted audience in an intrusive and compelling manner. From conception to execution, design to production, we craft and implement innovative techniques and use diverse types of advertising that are most effective in reaching out and to communicate with your target audience.

Corporate Affairs

Making your corporate positioning relevant in the China market, yet in synergy with global objectives. Delivering your corporate positioning to the relevant stakeholders in a compelling manner. Be it internal employee communications, persuading the surrounding community, garnering the support of your distributors or sales force, introducing yourself to the ecosystem, or cascading your vision to potential investors. We help strategize, plan and execute your communication needs.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management is best done before it happens. We help corporations be prepared. This involves scenario planning and testing. Even when you have a comprehensive global handbook, it needs to be regularly updated for changing market conditions. We help systemize how an organization should behave when entering a crisis situation and train the designated spokesperson. In the event that a crisis occurs, we act as an objective outside counsel to guide you through the furor.


From name creation, corporate visual identity, evolutionary or revolutionary rebranding, packaging design to powerpoint designs. Through extensive collaboration and understanding of your business objectives, we create the full spectrum of visual brand identity and verbal messages across all mediums to help build your brand.

Event Management

Experiential marketing is what brings traffic to your store, or keep the digital platform busy. Sometimes it is important that your target audience gets to experience your corporate or product messages. It could be the launch of a new product or the organization of a corporate meeting for internal or external stakeholders. From large-scale events, involving Fortune 500 CEOs, to smaller, intimate gatherings, we customize events that serve your communication objective, and help execute it too.

Executive Visibility

The role of management, besides leadership, is to be the face of the company. Through their presence, the company’s values, culture, and corporate objectives are presented to the stakeholders. Who should they speak to? Where should they speak? What should they say? We help identify the opportunities, design and prepare customized events, and also guide executives through the process. It includes pre-event briefings, spokesperson trainings, and specific messaging workshops.

Marketing Communications

So you have a new product that you need to promote and sell. How do you do it effectively? If it is truly innovative – how do you raise awareness for the benefits it brings about? If it has numerous competitors – how do you make it stand out and chosen above the others? We design MarComm campaigns and events that will deliver on your brand positioning and draw the attention of your intended consumers.

Media Relations

We offer media relations maintenance and media management across print, broadcast, offline and online media outreach to supplement your brand communication needs. We develop a core media strategy as well as organize interactive activities for you and the media to mingle and achieve the desired outcome.

Media Training

Understanding the media (international vs. local) and their motivations, making your message relevant to their needs. To represent your company’s core values and convey the intended messages effectively, we train you to deliver them to the media and to other stakeholders.

Mobile Strategy

Through Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO & SEM), identification of key opinion leaders (KOLs), mobile APPs and HTML5 development, WeChat site and content development, we execute engaging and compelling digital campaigns, in order to raise awareness for your brand, generate buzz and drive sales online and in your stores.

Public Relations

Establishing endorsements from independent third parties and KOLs to seek the attention of your target audience requires accurate identification of stakeholders, crafting of messages, careful design of communication platforms and effective delivery. In the digital and social media jungle of today, we create impact for you with a dose of creativity, fun and style.


From brand OGSM (objectives, goals, strategies and measurements), positioning and USP's to communication, channel, CRM, promotion and media buying strategies, you name it - we do it all. Tweak your global strategy to be relevant to your local audience, or establish a brand new approach for your breakthrough business. We're here to help with our deep understanding of the local market.